Our building professionally sanitized according to CDC guidelines.
You are encouraged to bring your own masks and hand sanitizer
Social distancing required

In view of The Very Present Danger of the Covid-19 Pandemic,
 & to promote the safety and precaution of all of our congregation as well as our buildings central function of Worship/Bible Study,
The Leadership of the New Highland Avenue Church of Christ has decided in fairness to everyone this church will no longer facilitate any Home-going Funerals nor Re-passes at the Lords Building whatsoever moving Forward.

-Dr. T.R Daly Sr

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Need a word from the Lord?

“I CAN’T FORGET ABOUT THE LOAVES” Mark 6:50-52 Minister: Dr. TR. Daly Sr. The New Highland Avenue Church of Christ

Upcoming Gatherings that you and your family are welcomed to join us!

Finally, a place where everybody is somebody. Where the Word is priority. A place where everyone is family. A place where we realize we are all imperfect, flawed people, justified only by the blood of Jesus Christ.

We look forward to having you become part of this family.

~ Dr. TR and Elizabeth Daly

We invite you to come and worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth.  It is our prayer that you will want to visit us in person as we worship our Lord God Almighty, together.

Our church will welcome you just as you are. Come and grow with us as we work to serve the Lord with all our hearts.

The Highland Avenue Church of Christ is a family of God’s children who are saved by the grace of God and committed to serving our Lord and our fellow man.  Here you will find people of all ages and from many walks of life who have been called into a united fellowship of love and acceptance. We rejoice in the precious gifts the Lord has given us, and we are eager to share those gifts and blessings with you. If you reside in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding area, please know that there is a special place for you and your family in this congregation of Christians.

We love families & children of all ages.

It is a great joy to serve the Lord and the people of our community. God is good! We also offer free marriage counseling to our members.

Mission Statement:

To win souls to Jesus Christ, train believers to become disciples, and send disciples out to impact the world.

Vision Statement:

To rescue and replenish a world lost and broken by sin, thereby “making all things new.”

2800 N Highland Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33602

Telephone: 813-768-2524